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The aim of the document is to ensure that:

pupils are aware of what type of behaviour is expected from them during the sessions at the Petite Ecole Kentoise de Maidstone; and 

parents are informed of their duties and learn about our discipline procedures.


Behaviour expectations: Pupil code of conduct


At the Petite Ecole Kentoise de Maidstone, we want to promote a fun and safe learning environment. Pupils are expected to:

  • Be respectful of their teachers and their peers;

  • Listen to adults and follow their instructions;

  • Do their best in their learning;

  • Be kind to others and play without any unwanted physical contact;

  • Generally be well behaved at all times.


Sanctions for poor behaviour (eg being disruptive to others, systematically refusing to participate etc) will be decided upon primarily by the teacher according to the severity of the disruption. Misbehaving pupils will generally be given a couple of clear verbal warnings before being sanctioned. Depending on the age of the pupil involved, sanctions can include:

  1. being asked to apologise and /or repair the fault;

  2. sitting in a corner for a given time;

  3. being sent temporarily to another teacher to have a conversation and being reminded of the rules.

  4. being sent for the rest of the session to another classroom to have a conversation and do some work away from his/her peers.


In case of increased levels of misbehaviour, parents will be informed at the time they collect their child of the nature of the bad behaviour and the sanctions taken. These comments will be noted in the presence sheet and the Committee members will be informed.


At this stage, parents are expected to help the school by reminding their children of the Pupil code of conduct and talking things over.


In case of serious misbehaviour or repeated increased levels of misbehaviour, the parents will be contacted by phone by the class teacher and requested to come and collect their child straightaway. In this instance, the Committee will be informed the same day.


The Committee members will discuss with the teacher / liaise with the pupil’s parents to decide the best strategy to ensure the child can carry on attending the sessions without repeating the misbehaviour. The intention is always that the child should be given every chance to resume the lessons.


On the rare occasions where no compromise can be reached with the disruptive child, the Committee can decide to remove that child from the school. Any paid sessions which the child cannot attend following such a decision will be refunded to the family in full.


Parents’ corner


In order to promote an optimum learning environment, parents are expected to park their cars at the school’s car park (please do not use spaces in front of the reception), drop and pick up their children on time, make sure the children do not run around the school and keep to the paths.


Please make a note of pick up times for your school. Allow yourself some extra time to come to the school at midday owing to Saturday traffic and make sure you collect your child at the allotted time. The school may consider taking some financial sanction against parents who routinely collect their children late.


Parents are also expected to cooperate with their child’s teacher / the Committee should there be behaviour issues (see above). In order to ensure the financial stability of the school, parents are expected to pay the fees upon an invoice being produced and give a minimum of 1month notice when leaving the school. Parents can expect the school to make every effort to ensure their child is provided with a secure and supportive learning environment, mindful of the specific challenges facing bilingual children such as increased academic workloads. Complaints procedure If you have concerns about the school or the education provided, please discuss the matter first with the pupil’s teacher when most problems can be resolved at this stage. Failing a satisfactory resolution, the parents should inform a Committee Member of their grievances either informally at drop off or pick up time or more formally via email. The school will endeavour to deal with the complaint fairly and honestly by giving each party involved a chance to present their viewpoint and by providing a platform to exchange those views. Failure to reach a compromise may result in the school having to ask the pupil to leave the school. Any future paid sessions will be refunded to the parents immediately. The Directors of the Petite Ecole Kentoise de Maidstone are: Katia Bresso, Cinzia Beretta, Marie Belver, Francois Reynier, Sylvie Bartlett - Rawlings Contact:


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