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Part 1 Membership & Fees


There is an annual joining fee of £45 per family. This is renewable, every year and it is nonrefundable.


Payment is due before the child(ren) can be admitted.


The school can claim Gift Aid on the joining fees. If you are a tax payer, please tick the box on your online registration form.


No joining fee is due for Playgroup sessions.


Minimum payment and notice 

The minimum payment is 1 month plus 1 month notice.


We do not charge per session therefore the month fee is due in full even if your child has started during the month.


We require the 1 month notice in writing, by email to Alternatively you can hand in your notice on Saturdays, to a member of the Committee.


No notice is required for Playgroup sessions. 


General Data Protection Regulation Compliance 

Petite Ecole Kentoise de Maidstone will store your contact details and use them for the processing of membership and payments only and we will never share the data with any external organisation. The data can only be viewed by the Petite Ecole Kentoise de Maidstone Trustees and each member can verify, change, remove or delete their own data. The data is stored on ‘Membermojo’ provides tools and controls which include: 

- servers and backups in secure UK facilities;
- controlled access;

- control over data retention;

- ability to add mandatory 'accept terms' to gain consent for storing member details;

- ability to remove member's data if requested.




No joining fee is due for Playgroup sessions. No notice is required, but please let us knows if you do not intend to attend.


Playgroup is for children aged 0 to 3, who are exposed or not to French language at home. A parent or guardian must remain with the child for the whole session. Maximum 2 children per adult


Playgroup Prices:


Pay as you go: £5 per session (minimum 4 sessions paid in advance)

Fidelité Bébé – 10 sessions: £40 payable in advance, non-refundable. Valid for the academic year of purchase

Annuelle Bébé - £130 - payable in advance, non-refundable. Valid for the academic year of purchase 



Saturdays school Tuitions and other activities - Prices 
Tuitions cover classes from nursery to GCSE preparation, exclusively for children who are exposed to French language at home or are returning from a French speaking county.


Minimum age is 3 years old and potty trained. Maximum age is 16.


Young children (aged 3 to 5) will be assessed at the end of the each academic year. If their level of understanding is not sufficient, they will not be able to continue with the bilingual classes and will not be moved to the next level. Parent’s support is essential at this stage as children need to be regularly exposed to French. Teachers are available for advice and will be able to suggest activities to be conducted with the children. 

Post GCSE – A Level


These classes are for pupils aged 16 or less if they have passes their GCSE in French in advance. Non bilingual children might be assessed prior to admission.


For all children attending the 3 to 16 classes and A level classes:

- There is an annual joining fee of £45 per family.

- There is 1 month notice

- Monthly payment are from September to July (11 months)

Prices                             Annual Joining fee      Annual fee      Monthly fee  

1Child                             £45                                 £300                 £29.00

2 Children                      £45                                 £570                 £53.50

3 Children or more       £45                                 £690                £64.50

Terms of Payment:


New members: Joining fee is added to the annual payment or 1st monthly payment. 


Renewals: Joining fee is payable in August.


Annual payment is due 7 days before the starting date by BACS. No cheques or cash accepted.

Monthly payments: 1st payment is due 7 days before the starting. Monthly payments are exclusively by GoCardless direct debit. You must accept the direct debit 7 days before the starting date, for the school to approve your membership.


Our bank details: Barclays Bank plc Sort code: 20 02 62 Account: 50329876


Part 2 Calendar & lessons

The classes take place every Saturday (term time only) from 10am to 12.30pm at St Francis School, Queens Road, Maidstone ME16 0LB.


Usually there are no classes on Saturdays preceding Bank Holidays, Half Terms and Holidays.


Our calendar for the Academic year 2018/2019



Parents should arrive at 9.55 am at the latest and remain with their children at all time, until children are called in by their teacher or assistant.


Children should be collected promptly at 12.30pm.


Children under the age of 12 are not authorised to arrive or leave the school without an authorised adult. For older children, please tick declaration on the online form.

Taster session days

Taster session cost: £10 per child. To be booked by email to Payment might not be required, check our offers!

There will be a short and friendly comprehension assessment before children are taken to the classrooms

Part 3 Enrolment and invoicing

Enrolment is on line only through our software Membermojo.


Go to click on Rejoignez-nous, and under Inscriptions click the Je m’inscris button. You will be taken to the home page of Membermojo. Click on Join us/Renew and follow the instructions.


You will not need a password to access the software.


Invoicing is exclusively by email. Please always check you spam/junk folders as our invoices are sent directly by our software Clearbooks.


If you are paying monthly, the direct debit form is also in a digital format. Please always check you spam/junk folders as direct debit forms are sent directly by our provider GoCardless



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